Nicole De Leon: an @everyday_poet walking an #everydaycamino through word & image.

Writing & Reading

I am a poet&scholar constantly working on new projects. Currently, I am working on bibliographies for my Ph.D. comprehensive exams, along with the reading/taking notes on the books in said bibliographies. This page showcases past work & discusses current projects. Please check back frequently. 




Tutoring English Literature

Tutoring for High School, College, & Beyond in the following areas:


Writing & Composition; Argumentative & Critical Writing; Reading & Composition; American Literature; Poetry; Creative Writing; College Application Essays for the B.A./M.A./Ph.D. levels.  


Creative Writing class/seminar instructor.





****Please contact me if you would like to hire me as a tutor.****


Follow me: @everyday_poet on Instagram. I specialize in capturing the #everydaycamino & the sites of the Central Coast of California via #everydaycentralcoast. 


Equally I chronicle the views of my cat, #everydayMaxkitten, especially her thoughts on her human. #everydaycat 

Intellectual Property

If you are promoting your own idea/product, please do not use or reprint any of my written language or photography from this website unless you have received my permission.


Scholars, if you wish my language or photography in your own work, as long as the proper citations are where they should be I am a happy camper.*


Buen Camino,



*if unsure what those would be, please visit: